Hello readers! Long time no blog, and I’m sorry. The last month has been just a tad overwhelming, what with buying a house and all, and having to put out escrow-related fires almost daily to keep the whole deal from falling through was just plain exhausting. The crazy’s not about to let up–we still have moving and settling in to do. And through it all, I haven’t been able to bring myself to blog, not even just a little. Typing this right now is making me want to go lie down. But I persevere, for you. Because I love you.

Do I feel a group hug coming on? …didn’t think so.

Anyway, you can probably guess that if I’m too tired and busy to blog, then writing has gone right out the window, and you would guess correctly. I had wanted to launch at the beginning of this month, but those plans are racing out the window to catch up with my writing as I type. The good news, though, is that in a matter of weeks–nay, days–I will have my very own home office (MVOHO, for short), complete with dedicated writing space, and we will have a brand new home computer with high speed internet! And what’s more, it’s FALL! Okay, not officially, but the temperature’s starting to dip to a number that’s very close to mild, and Fall is so close I can smell it. The arrival of fall in and of itself always energizes me and gives me a nice productivity boost. Combine that with MVOHO, and I think you and I will both be amazed at how much writing I can get done in the coming months.

As for THF, I’m setting myself a deadline to get it done by October 31st. Why October 31st? So that I can reward myself by guilt-free nom-nom-nomming on Halloween candy, of course. But also so that it will be done and out of the way in time for this year’s NaNoWriMo, for which I’ve got a whole separate set of plans.

I’d like to have THF at least a third of the way beta’d and in the can before I start posting it, so we’re probably looking at an end-of-month launch. In fact, I’m going to put my foot in it right now and state officially that it will launch September 30th. Of this year, even! And now I HAVE to write it, or you people will kill me dead. But I still love you.