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A Biblical Case for Simple Living

The Apostle Paul extolled the virtues of living a quiet life, and Jesus Christ himself taught that we shouldn’t chase after material goods, but focus instead on serving others and nurturing our faith. Indeed, during his earthly ministry, Jesus seemed to embrace a lifestyle of minimalism and simplicity, trusting God for his every earthly need.

While the Bible doesn’t command us to live simply, it makes a case that simple living can make us more content.

What is the simple life?

Whether you call it minimalism, essentialism or simple living, the philosophy boils down to the same thing: Eliminating the unnecessary things from your life that distract you and consume your time, money and energy.

Here are some signs that your life has become too hectic, and you might benefit from simpler living:

  • You feel exhausted and burned out
  • You skip church because you need to work, or because that’s your only time to rest
  • Debt prevents you from tithing or giving
  • Spending time with your family is something you have to squeeze into your schedule
  • You can’t find time for your health and your hobbies

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  1. Matt

    A great reminder that our time on earth is limited, and that we need to do what we can to make sure that the time we have is of the highest quality possible! Oh, and that more “stuff” and distractions do not equal more long term happiness.

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