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We are All Chosen Ones in Christ


Note: I’m still sharing Golden Oldies from the archives while I take time off to enjoy the summer and write my next book. Here’s one from last September. It feels relevent, and not just because of the picture (aside: I saw Wonder Woman a couple of weeks ago and I have to confess that I hold the extremely unpopular opinion that it’s not actually a very good movie. There, I said it). ANyway… we’re all Wonder Women in Christ.


Harry Potter.

Buffy Summers.

Luke Skywalker.

The Pevensie children.

Frodo Baggins.

What do these characters all have in common? They’re all Chosen Ones, heroes with a special destiny to drive back the darkness and swing the scales of Good and Evil back to Good’s favor. Fiction, especially the Fantasy and YA genres, are rife with Chosen Ones. If they didn’t step up and accept their Chosen status and face their fate head on, apparently we’d all be in big trouble.

I love a good Chosen One story. Some of the characters listed above are some of my favorite in all literature. But as I was pondering this particular trope this weekend, something occurred to me:

We are ALL Chosen Ones in Christ.

If you are in Christ, you have a special destiny. You were chosen and called for a purpose, to play a specific and unique role in God’s plan to bring light to the world and vanquish the enemy’s hold on it. Not only that, but you were fearfully and wonderfully made–lovingly and purposefully created, designed and built specifically to carry out that purpose, right down to your DNA.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you don’t have flaws, weaknesses and failings. All the best heroes do. That even goes for all the best Bible heroes. Just look at Moses. Noah. King David. The apostles Peter and Paul. The enemy wants us to believe that those failings make us unworthy and unable to carry out the purpose for which we were made. But that is a lie.

The truth is that God designed you for His purpose. Flaws and all. He can use your failings and weaknesses as much as He can use your strengths and talents. He knew what He was doing when He made you.

But you have to be willing.

The amazing thing is, that’s all you have to be. You don’t have to be strong, or fearless, or have magical powers, or be able to kick bad guy butt six ways to Sunday. Because our strength and courage and ability to carry out our purpose doesn’t come from within us. It comes from Him.

We only have to be willing.

If you’re doubting today whether you’re good enough or worthy enough or able enough to make a difference for God’s Kingdom, remember this, dear one: the almighty Creator of the Universe loves you and thinks so much of you that He didn’t want to carry off His plan without giving you a part in it.

You are Chosen.

You are able.

You are loved.




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  1. Alecia Simersky

    This is why I love sci-fi action movies. A chosen one has to step up to their calling to save the world…and I view this in a spiritual way as well. While, it’s not up to us to save the world, we each are called and chosen to play a part. I’ve not always wanted to step into my role, out of fear, but reading the Bible and knowing there are heroes in there who felt the way I do has helped tremendously.

    Thanks for this encouragement and linking up at #DreamTogether!

    • Jean Marie Bauhaus

      I love those movies too. I hadn’t really seen the spiritual connection before, but it’s definitely there. It’s definitely scary, stepping into that role, but it helps me to know that I was specifically built for it.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Bibi (@simplesummit)

    This is beautiful. What an encouraging post.
    Yes, we are all chosen and stepping into our chosen roles can be frightful sometimes, but it all works out good in the end. God’s got this.
    visiting from the Holley Gerth link-up. Love your post!

    • Jean Marie Bauhaus

      Thanks, Bibi! Glad you found it encouraging. Thanks for stopping by!

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