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Happy New Year! A Look Ahead at 2017


I don’t think anybody is sad to see the back side of 2016, are they? At any rate, I for one am happy to turn the page and begin a brand new year, especially because I think I’ve got a few things to get excited about this year. Like for instance …

  • We’re moving (probably). This isn’t 100% in the bag, but it’s about 99%. At this point it’s more a question of when than anything else, and there’s a good chance that it’ll be soon. Still, I probably won’t talk much more about it here until it’s actually happening.
  • I have a new e-book novella releasing at the end of this month, and a new novel releasing later this year. These are both continuations in the Restless Spirits series.
  • I might be doing my first real book signing in an actual brick-and-mortar book store. My publisher is working on setting this up so I don’t know any details yet, so that’s another thing I don’t want to talk about too much until it’s more certain.
  • A door has opened for a new freelance blogging opportunity that’s a step up from what I’ve been doing and a big step in the right direction toward the kind of topics I want to be writing about.

A lot of my focus this year is going to be on getting the third Restless Spirits novel written and thus fulfilling my contract so I can move on to other things. Between that and the move and the new freelance gig (which is in addition to, not replacing, the current freelance gigs), I’m going to stay pretty busy. But there are a few other things I hope to fit in this year. Things like…

  • Blogging more consistently, both here and on my author blog.
  • Submitting guest posts to some more high-profile ministry blogs.
  • Getting to know our new neighbors and getting more involved in our new community.
  • Finding and joining an actual local church assembly.
  • Re-connecting with my oldest BFF.
  • Getting over my reservedness and INFPness enough to meet up with my local friends face to face.

I’m also harboring some secret hopes and dreams that I’m not ready to talk about yet. I’ll have to see how some other things go before I know if those are even feasible. But that’s where my to-be-revealed word for 2017 comes in. I’m just going to give these dreams over to God and see what He does with them.

At any rate, I have a feeling this is going to be a big year. I just hope and pray that it’s big in a good way. I think I’ve had my fill of Big Bad years for a good long while.

What are you looking forward to the most about 2017?

Blessings for the new year,




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JeanA Jesus girl through and through, Jean Marie Bauhaus is on a journey of healing and rediscovering who God purposefully created her to be and figuring out how to do life within that context. She’s the wife of Matt and mom to a crew of four-legged dependents, all of whom make their home in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jean counts coffee, dark chocolate and a yarn addiction among her vices. She’s the author of Restless Spirits, a family-friendly paranormal romance/mystery now available from Vinspire Publishing. You can learn more about her novels and short fiction at




  1. Carolina Cisneros

    Great goals! And congratulations on the potential book signing! Lots of blessings to you and Happy New Year!

    • Jean Marie Bauhaus

      Thanks Carolina! Hope you have a blessed new year too!

  2. Valerie Sisco at Grace with Silk

    Hi Jean,
    I’m visiting here for the first time from Coffee for your Heart. It sounds as if 2017 holds some exciting things for you, particularly your move and new book! Are you heading to a different part of the country? Moves are always stressful and difficult yet eventually yield growth and new adventures, don’t they? Looking forward to visiting again — and nice to meet you! 🙂

    • Jean Marie Bauhaus

      Great to meet you Valerie, thanks for stopping by! We’re only moving to the country — about 45 minutes away. I grew up in the boonies and as convenient as it is to live in the city, there are way too many drawbacks. We’ve decided that having to drive further to get to Target is worth it for the peace we’ll have out in the country.

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