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But God …


As I was doing my scripture reading this morning, still a bit bleary-eyed and not yet to the end of my first cup of coffee, those two little words jumped out at me. The context was Ephesians Chapter 2. The Apostle Paul spends the first three verses talking about how the church members lived before they found Christ. It was a dark and desperate place, not filled with a lot of hope. What comes after those two words is a picture of light and comfort and hope.

And I got to thinking about how many of life’s hardships and difficult circumstances can be interrupted with that phrase.

Life is hard sometimes, BUT GOD sustains and strengthens us.

The future looks scary and bleak, BUT GOD has plans to benefit us and give us a hopeful future.

We feel exhausted and beyond weary, BUT GOD promises to give us rest and a renewed spirit.

You may be grieving and broken-hearted, BUT GOD will give you joy for mourning and bind up your broken heart.

This situation looks impossible, BUT GOD says nothing is impossible for Him.

It’s such a simple phrase, but such a powerful reminder.

Are you facing a difficult situation? Let this phrase interrupt to remind you that the Lord your GOD is with you, and He is MIGHTY to save.

In love,




PS –

Once again I’m linking up with Holley Gerth. Check out her post for more encouragement and “Coffee for Your Heart.”


  1. Jen

    dropping by from coffee for your heart – great share on the promises of God – I need those reminders!

    • Jean Marie Bauhaus

      We all do, Jen. Thanks for dropping by!

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