So apparently someone has taken over one of my old domains and used the Wayback Machine to pull up one of my old website layouts and are using them both to impersonate me for some reason that only God can fathom.

Not only that, but they’re using my picture and they’ve scraped old blog posts of mine and changed wording in an apparent attempt to avoid (further) copyright infractions and made the writing terrible in the process. Just compare this blog post I wrote in 2011 to the one of the same title on the imposter site.

Even worse, until about 20 minutes ago they were also displaying photos from my Flickr stream. I went and made that private as soon as I discovered this site.

Here’s the imposter site. I hate to send them more traffic (or help their SEO rankings), but I’m hoping that if they’re tracking stats they’ll see this and know that I’m on to them and I’m going to shut them down. I’ve already reported them to both their web host and their domain registrar and if that doesn’t get it done I’ll get a C&D. And if THAT doesn’t get it done I’ll see about getting a lawyer because, seeing as how I make part of my living as a professional writer, this site could do a lot to damage my professional reputation and I may very well have a case for damages.

In the meantime, hopefully anyone who stumbles across that site will click through the link to my LiveJournal and see this post and know what’s up.