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Writing and Other Goals for March 2 – 7, 2015

Bullet journal

Trying to start March off right.

I’m adding a few new elements to my bullet journal this week. One of those elements is a weekly To Do list, because the monthly list alone isn’t cutting it. The weekly list is going in the far-left column of my weekly 2-page spread, the rest of which will be taken up by daily lists.

I’m trying to keep this week’s list simple. I have a lot of editing to get through, and that’s going to have to be my main focus. But I also can’t neglect my writing, and I really need to vacuum and do some laundry this week. So these are the big rocks that will take up most of my time jar:

  • Daily devotions
  • 30 minutes a day writing GHOST
  • Vaccuum the house
  • Do laundry
  • Finish the Fiverr critique
  • Edit 1/4th of one of my clients’ book projects
  • Stretch and move daily

And these are the pebbles:

  • 2 or 3 blog posts
  • Re-enroll Dominion of the Damned and Midnight Snacks in KDP select
  • 15 minutes a day reading Story by Robert McKee
  • Tea & Creativity sessions

I also added a Word of the Week and a Verse of the Week at the top of the spread. The WotW is a reminder of what I want to stay focused on throughout the week–sort of a weekly theme to guide everything.

This week’s word is “Health.” I have NOT been making good choices lately and I’m feeling the results of it. With so much on my plate, I’ve really got no choice but to take better care of myself, which includes eating right and getting exercise so I’ll have more energy and be able to think more clearly. This might mean I have to get my husband to hide all of the breakfast pastries we’ve been stocking up on lately because winter makes us lose all good sense when it comes to food. I might also have to hide all that instant Pho from myself, because while that stuff might be gluten-free, it’s definitely not low glycemic. At any rate, this is why “stretching and moving” is designated as a big rock this week.

The verse of the week is Ephesians 6:7 (NASB): “With good will render service as to the Lord, and not to men.” This is to remind me to be thankful for the work I have and to maintain a good attitude about it while doing the best job I possibly can for my clients. This is something I try to apply all the time, but when my plate begins to overflow and I start to get overwhelmed and stressed, it’s good to have a reminder.

So that’s the general shape of my week to come, God willing. What about you guys? Any big projects hanging over your head and making you twitchy? I’d love to hear about your goals and plans for this week, both big and small. Share them in the comments!


  1. sunny

    I love the word of the week idea, as well as the guiding scripture. I should add those to my to-do list. (I do my devotionals at night, though.)

    My to-do list today is to finish six essays, and then maybe the four that were super late. Those four will probably happen tomorrow after class, however, and I’ll email the students.

    Goals for this week are to straighten the laundry room, wash and dry, then fold and put away the clothes. I was almost caught up.

    Wednesday, I’m taking the girl I mentor to the comic shop (she loves Batman, too!) and then for cocoa. Mr. Sun and I are going on a date on Sat., and then church on Sunday. Aside from keeping the boys on track re: school, that’s pretty much what I have to do this week. (I should add in exercise.)

    Good luck meeting your goals. 🙂

    • Jean Marie Bauhaus

      Wow, that sounds like a full week. I keep kicking around the idea of getting my MA in English and a college-level teaching certificate, and then I remember all of your essay-grading woes, and I think maybe I should kick that idea to the curb. That’s a lot of essays.

      Yay Batman and cocoa! Wanna be my mentor? 😉

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