This is a hectic week. In addition to a full freelance workload, I’ve got to company-clean in preparation for entertaining my mom on Friday, and hormones and lack of sleep are making me scattered and bad at managing things.

So in lieu of blog posts written by yours truly this week, here instead is some recommended reading:

Delilah S. Dawson: 25 Writing Hacks From A Hack Writer – this is a bit long and, being that it’s a guest post on Chuck Wendig’s blog, it’s laced with profanity. But it has broader application than just writing–it’s really about how to hack your life to chase your dream–so if you can get past those two things, it’s definitely worth the read.

Arting Hard Like An Artful [MoFo]: 25 Ways To Be A Bad-Ass Maker Who Makes Bad-Ass Stuff – this is sort of a companion piece to the first article. Being that it’s written by Chuck himself and I even had to censor the title, it should be apparent that the same caveats apply.

Want to Be a “Success”? Learn to Be an Outlaster – Motivated yet? Well then, here’s a whole six-pack of motivation from Kristen Lamb — and with zero cussin’!

Give Me Gratitude or Give Me Debt – A great post to read if you feel envy and dissatisfaction creeping into your life. Or if you just like to dance in the kitchen.

Manners for Gentlemen – It’s not often that I recommend poetry — okay, more like never — but this is just lovely and you should read it.