It’s been a crazy couple of weeks as we’ve been dealing with some health issues that my husband’s been having, running around juggling doctors’ appointments and deadlines. He’s on the mend now, and yesterday was a badly needed do-nothing day for us both. Today’s only slightly more productive as we make the house presentable for some company we’re having tonight, but it’s not like we’re deep cleaning anything. We’re both too pooped.

The capper on a perfectly stressful week? The screen on my laptop gave up the ghost Sunday morning. I have no idea when we’re going to be able to get that replaced. Probably not any time soon. We’re just going to have to make do with sharing the desktop for the time being, which is sure to cut way down on my extra-curricular Internet time, not to mention making finding the time to write fiction even more of a challenge than it already was. I think I might be able to get my laptop to work if I plug a monitor in it, but for now I don’t have the energy to dig back behind the desktop’s tower to find the monitor chord so I can test that theory. Plus, a new monitor’s not in the budget right now any more than a new computer.

Thankfully, all of my most important files were either stored in the cloud or in my public drive, so I can still get to them. The problem is, all of my graphic design software is on the laptop, and so is Scrivener, the program I use to write all my fiction and create my e-books. I guess I’m going to have to do some maintenance and clean up some memory on the desktop so I can install those programs here.

The laptop was also pretty much functioning as our TV, so… that sucks. Not that we don’t have an actual TV, but with no cable or satellite, or DVR, we relied a lot on Internet streaming to keep up with our shows. We can still watch them back here in the office, I guess. It just won’t be nearly as comfortable as snuggling up on the sofa with the laptop.