Thanks to a muchly appreciated last-minute rescue, the domain is saved! So I don’t have to move this or my freelance writing site or anything else. Yay!

While the site was down, I had a free Kindle giveaway of Restless Spirits that went swimmingly. It stayed at Number 1 Free in the Ghosts and Haunted Houses category for the full five-day run, was downloaded in multiple countries, and gave me a nice little boost in sales. It seems that the best way to keep sales steady is to do a sale or giveaway every six weeks or so, which judging from my Dominion giveaway is about how long it takes for the boost to run its course.

Hopefully, my next event six weeks from now will be to finally release that horror short collection I’ve been working on, if I can manage to make time to finish this last story I want to include. More on that later.