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Some Things To Note

Firstly: I redid my main website, and my blog is now my homepage–you can go right to it at and BAM! Blog. If you’re on Livejournal, hopefully you’re actually able to read this and I set all of that up correctly.

Secondly: I started that podcast. The first episode is over here. It’s not too long, so you should listen to it and give me feedback. Or ask me some self-publishing or writing questions that I can answer in a future episode.

Thirdly: I had my first Book Wrangler consultation client today, and I think it went well, and will lead to more work, so YAY!

Fourthly: Peanut butter sure is delicious.

Fifthly: Seriously, you guys, every time I consider doing Paleo and I almost manage to convince myself that I could live without cheese, I remember that peanut butter’s not allowed and I’m like, “NOPE!”

Sixthly: I’m going to start a new Tumblr for random stuff like the above, and for re-blogging all of the geeky fandom stuff I’m always liking over there, and it will be the new Marzipan Pie Plate Bingo. I’ll let y’all know once I get around to that. No, wait–here it is!


  1. Brian

    I admire your enthusiasm and game plan! I listened to the podcast – I enjoyed it; the moving locations while recording though did change the sound of your podcast, but did not render it inaudible at all. I’m most impressed by the Book Wrangler consultation you’ve started. Is that an untapped market or just one I haven’t been aware of – I think it is great and anyone starting out would certainly be more at home with some hand-holding with another that’s been through the motions a few times. It is with great hope that I may become a future customer.

    Have faith in yourself; people on the internet get to enjoy their anonymity, and in doing so may abandon civility – don’t let them get you down. Look to your family and friends to bring your spirits back up, because if they truly love you they’ll let you know when you’re doing good and when you may need to go back to the drawing board 🙂 Best of luck Jean, I look forward to reading your future successes!

    • Jean

      Thanks, Brian. I didn’t move locations during the podcast, but I recorded it outside and traffic on the street next to my house was pretty loud and heavy. Also, I probably fidgeted a lot. Next time, I’ll do it inside under more controlled circumstances.

      I think it’s a market that’s starting to get tapped — I’ve seen a few sites offering services similar to mine, and I know some literary agencies have started offering similar services in the mad dash to avoid becoming obsolete (although I don’t think that will actually happen — I think there will always be a place for traditional publishing and literary agents).

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