Welp, I got the job.

I start Tuesday, and there’s a lot to do between now and then, and I’m a little overwhelmed and paralyzed with indecision right now, honestly. I didn’t really expect to get an offer, and I was already making plans for my business and my writing as though I wasn’t getting it, so now I’ve got to switch gears and shift some plans around.

Part of my plans involved setting a definitive release date for Dominion and publicizing the heck out of it and pre-selling copies to help me pay for all of the stock images I’ll be using on the cover, but I guess I need to hold off on that until I figure out how to squeeze writing and editing (and publishing and book marketing) in between working full-time and continuing to freelance on nights and weekends. I might need to just put the book and the writing on hold until we get some debt paid off and I can start to taper off on the freelancing.

I know I’m sounding less than enthused about going back to work, which is not accurate, because I’m excited about this job. It’s just that I actually made some time this week for editing and writing and laying the groundwork for a publicity campaign for Dominion, and while doing all of that I’ve felt happier than I have in a long time. So the prospect of having to back-burner all of that is bumming me out a little. But maybe I won’t have to. Maybe I can figure out a way to fit it in with a little more juggling. I’m sure that once I get used to the new routine it will be easier to see where to slot it all into my schedule.

But all of that aside: I got a job, you guys! A job doing code and writing copy and not doing anything at all secretarial! Yaaaaaay! And the dress code appears to be on the more casual end of “business casual” so I don’t have to go further into debt to get a new work wardrobe. I’ll have to pay for downtown parking at first, but in a few weeks the office is moving to a new location that will have plenty of free parking. And they don’t open till 9 AM, so I don’t have to get up super early. And it’s only a 10 to 15 minute commute each way.

This is going to be a good job. Yay!