That is what my last post was full of, apparently. I haven’t managed yet to find time for editing Dominion, let alone for blogging here about all the things I said I would be blogging about soon.

My “day job” has been keeping me too busy–which is great, except for the fact that it’s bringing to light the fact that I’m WAY undercharging for my services, which means I’m working my butt off non-stop but not actually making a living from it. That part’s not so great. Which is why I’m using my limited spare time to overhaul my business in the hopes that it will actually turn a profit and keep a roof over our heads. I’m streamlining my services, raising prices to more closely match what my peers are charging, and Matt’s agreed to come on as a partner and take care of sales and marketing. All of which means that I also need to overhaul my business web site, as well as re-brand it. Which is all to say: Busy Jean is busy.

Even so, this weekend I’m determined to crack open Dominion and start editing, and to start carving out at least 30 minutes a day to devote to it starting next week. I also have a lot of pre-marketing plans for it, but again, it comes down to finding the time. As does keeping up this blog, which I do realize is not optional if I want to build and keep an audience. Grr. Arrg.

Here, look at my new logo: