As I’ve been threatening to for a few weeks now, I spent the weekend setting up my “new” knitted and crocheted accessories shop on Etsy, Marzipan Pie. I used to run a similar shop under the name Vanilla Fizz, but that was so long ago that I actually thought it might be less confusing to tie the shop name into the blog.

I originally wanted to wait until we got our new camera so I could take better pictures, and now that the deed is done I kind of wish I stuck with that plan, because the pictures that our cheap-o point-and-shoot Vivitar take haven’t gotten any crisper. But my budding photographer husband is still shopping around and trying to decide which camera he wants, and I’ve got some Halloween related items to sell, and the window on that is closing soon, so I figured I’d better just make do with what we have and hope for the best.

One of those Halloween related items is a set of crocheted “eyeball” coasters. I also thought it would be cute to make a sleep mask out of a pair of them, as seen below (click to embiggen):

They’re simple to make: Just make a basic granny circle, single-crochet the first round in black for the pupil and the second round in whatever color you want the iris to be, then double-crochet two rounds in white. For the mask, simply make two circles and stitch them together slightly above the center. For the ties, you can knit two icords, or chain stitch two chains, or simply attach some ribbon or a strip of elastic. To make it a sleep mask, you’ll need to sew some soft fabric onto the back to block out the light (and prevent stitch indentations from covering your face when you wake up).

Or you could just buy the coasters here, and/or the sleep mask here.