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This, That and a Cover

  • First, my writing progress for the week:

Day Project Wordcount
Saturday Dominion of the Damned 572
Sunday Dominion of the Damned 0
Monday Dominion of the Damned 0
Tuesday Dominion of the Damned 1134
Wednesday Dominion of the Damned 922
Thursday Dominion of the Damned 0
Friday Dominion of the Damned 2001
Total   4629

That brings the grand total so far up to 18,367. I can’t remember why I didn’t write Sunday, although I think it probably has something to do with just needing a day off. Monday and Thursday were just too jampacked with appointments and client projects to even get in my 250 words. All in all, that’s not bad progress.


  • I’ve decided to go ahead with setting up my own publishing imprint. I realize that it would be silly to let my accounting software preferences be an obstacle to this, and who knows what kind of doors my own independent publishing company might open down the road? So Daydreamer Publishing is soon to be an actual thing.

  • I’ve got two more scenes to go on the revision of Hungry Child. I think I actually don’t have to go anywhere this weekend for a change, and it’s too wet to do the yard work that needs doing, so I’ll be able to get ’em done.

  • The other day while I was trying to transition my brain from Dominion to Hungry Child, I mocked up an e-book cover for the latter.

This isn’t the final version. For one thing, if I decide to go with this image I’ll need to get permission to use the photograph (which is from here). It was mainly intended as practice, but I like the cleanness and simplicity of it, the mild creepiness of the photo contrasted with the typewriter font on the clean, white background. I especially like how the typewriter font ties into the protagonist being a writer, which ends up being important.

What do you think?


  1. davidrm

    I like the photograph and how its processed.
    Were it *me*, I would move the photo up enough, adding more smudgy-black across the bottom. Then put my name across the bottom over the smudgy-black. And, yes, I would lose the “A Novelette” and the author name from below the title. Maybe add a tag line just above the author name on the bottom.
    Did that make sense? =)

    • Jean

      That does make sense, and I like the sound of it. Thanks, David. BTW, I really appreciate your guidance.

  2. bojojoti

    Rather than try to type, I made a quick mock-up:

    I really like the photo you selected and the coloring and blur you have. My mockup is just to show the title against the dark background. Of course, move your name up where “novelette” used to be.
    These things are all a matter of taste. I didn’t particularly care for the front cover being split in half, but, as I say, that is personal taste. This is your baby. You may listen to other ideas and take input, but you are the one giving birth.

    • Jean

      Huh. I tried white text over the picture with no background, and I didn’t like it, but I like what you have here. I guess the blur you used makes all the difference.
      I think some combination of yours and David’s ideas will probably be the winner. Thanks, Bojo!

      • bojojoti

        Any time! I’m always happy to pitch ideas. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.

  3. taethowen

    the cover is wonderful, Jean! (this is Rebekah from NaNo, btw) I love the typewriter font, too, and the picture just sends chill up my spine. Great job on the word counts, too! It’s difficult to keep momentum going at times, but you’re doing great staying caught up, even if you don’t do it consistently each day.

    • Jean

      Thanks, Rebekah! It’s good to see you here. I’m glad everybody likes the picture I selected — now here’s hoping I can actually get permission to use it.

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