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Month: May 2010

Lately at Daydream Believer

Lately at Daydream Believer

Ask Me About Online Freelancing

I’ve been at this for about a year now, and while I’m certainly not an expert, I’ve definitely learned a few things about starting up and running a moderately successful freelance business, and I have some knowledge to impart. …This is where you come in, dear readers. Do you have any questions for me on the subject? Any questions at all, from how I got started to what resources I use to how I manage my finances to… well, whatever’s on your mind.

Altering My Natural Sleep Cycle (Without Losing Sleep Over It)

In my fantasy, I’m a morning person. I want to be the sort of person who gets up early and has super-productive mornings, freeing up the afternoons to work on whatever personal or home-related project I feel like working on and the evenings to just relax and chill with Matt, my day broken up into nice, orderly sections.

June is MyNoEdMo

I hereby declare my intention to make this June “My Novel Editing Month” and get the rest of this second draft cranked out over the next 30 days, by whatever means necessary.

So who’s with me? Do you have a project you need to finish (it doesn’t have to be a novel), or something you’ve been putting off doing that you’d like to tackle alongside me this month? If so, declare YOUR intentions here in the comment thread.

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Lately at Daydream Believer

Today (and this weekend) at Daydream Believer

  • Weekend Lulz: An Oil Spill Never Looked So Delicious
  • Deadlines and Donuts – includes the instant classic, “LOST re-enacted by cats in one minute.”
  • Goodbye to Lost (No Spoilers):

    For all of its flaws, Lost gave us six seasons of thrills, some fantastic and complex character arcs, and occasional moments that were nearly as perfect as that last one. All in all, it was six seasons of great TV, and I’ll miss it; but ultimately, it gave me an ending that made it easier to let go, which, I think, was the point.

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A New (Old) Template and Other Changes

Today at Daydream Believer: A New (Old) Template and Other Changes

You know the old saying about the cobbler’s children having no shoes. Well, in the case of this baby, it gets to wear hand-me-downs. I wanted a new blog theme to show off my design skills, but I’m way too busy currently to whip one up for this blog. Since is on permanent hiatus (and I plan to redirect the domain here once Dotster stops holding it hostage) and I’m still too fond of that template to retire it just yet, I made some alterations to make it fit here for the time being.

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Follow Friday: Blog Edition

Today at Daydream Believer: Follow Friday: Blog Edition

In case you’re not familiar with the concept, Follow Friday is a Twitter tradition (one I haven’t actually remembered to participate in for a very long time) in which Twitter users recommend other Twitterers to follow. Well, seeing as how it’s Friday, and how since Wednesday I’ve been too busy with behind-the-scenes type Build a Better Blog challenge assignments to actually WRITE a blog post, and also how I saw Big Fat Deal do this earlier and thought, “Hey, what a great idea for a quickie filler post, I shall steal it!”, and also also how these are some great blogs that deserve some recognition, I decided to bring the tradition over here. And so I give you Follow Friday: The Blog Edition!

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Six Strategies For Getting Your To Do List Done

New at Daydream Believer: Six Strategies For Getting Your To Do List Done

It’s the end of a long and satisfying day. I got everything done that I wanted to, within reason, and I didn’t even have a To Do list for the day, which is sort of the antithesis of this post; but even so, today was productive and satisfyingly balanced: I made headway on two separate client projects, spent some quality time with my mom-in-law, worked on cleaning up storm debris, and helped Matt grill some burgers on the back patio (and then ate them – mmm, chargrilled meat!), and now I’m capping the day off by spending some quality time with the blog (which also happens to kill the writing bird, so yay for that). All of that, despite taking time out to watch American Idol and Glee (Lee DeWyze was awesome! But not as awesome as NPH! Who was in turn not as awesome as the Idina/Lea duet! What can I say? It was a great night to be a fangirl).

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Pitch In An Elevator

Today at Daydream Believer: Pitch In An Elevator

I have, finally, begun ProBlogger’s “31 Days to Build a Better Blog” challenge. The first assignment for this challenge is to craft an elevator pitch to help identify precisely what, exactly, this blog is about.

This is a tough assignment, because this here blog has suffered something of an identity crisis in recent years. You’d think that after a decade of blogging (my tenth blog-iversary came and went without any fanfare back in January) I’d have it nailed down, but my poor blog is as ADD as I am. As such, I still can’t bring myself to confine this space to a single niche topic. It’s my safe haven, my creative space, my place to vent my spleen about the stuff I have to deal with, as a writer, as a freelancer, as a wife, as a 37 year old woman who wants a baby and apparently can’t have one (at least, not yet), as an ADD sufferer, as a fangirl, et cetera ad infinitum. It’s a blog salad, really.

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