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Happy Halloween!

firehousepartyIt’s my second-favorite day of the year! In celebration I gathered old Halloween photos from mine and Matt’s childhoods and uploaded them into a Super ’70s Halloween Flickr set. Enjoy the mom-made costumes and the retrotastic ’70s home decor.

It’s a perfect fall day, which should lead to some perfect trick-or-treat weather. I’m spending the rest of daylight puttering around and getting things ready for the lil’ beggars who’ll be ringing our doorbell after dark. Then Matt and I will carve our pumpkins (and toast the pumpkin seeds, natch!) and maybe have time to squeeze in a scary movie before it’s time for me to head off to my local NaNoWriMo kick-off party! The month-long madness starts at midnight, and I’m beyond psyched.

What are your Halloween plans? If you’re doing NaNo, are you as psyched as I am? Are you digging in at midnight, or are you going to wait until a more reasonable hour tomorrow to get started? Do tell!


  1. sunbrae

    I’m not doing nanowrimo, but I am doing wrisomifu. I can handle that.
    Awww, wee Jeanie and Matt. Too cute.
    Good luck with nano.

  2. ms_scarletibis

    Boy, I wish I could participate this year…but I’m still reworking a screenplay that I’m not all that invested in :/

  3. bojojoti

    You were such an adorable Raggedy Ann!

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