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It’s Sunday night and, like I said, Monday’s are heck-a busy, so let’s lay out some goals for the coming week. But first, a quick recap of my day, most of which was spent with part of Husband’s side of the family, where meat was smoked and then consumed, rowdy, excited dogs (well, one) were petted and petted and assured that they are very pretty and that yes, I love them even though I just met them, too, Guitar Hero and Scrabble were played, mead (yes, actual mead) was drunk, and a fine time was had by all. All, that is, except our own pets who, judging by how forlorn they acted when we left and how pee-their-pants happy they acted when we got back, were lonely and depressed and miserable the entire time we were gone. Either that, or they’ve got us so fooled that we don’t even suspect them of partying the entire time. I like to think it’s the former. Poor babies.

Last week, I didn’t feel so great. I was struggling with the SAD and not getting enough sleep, and coughing and paranoid that I was coming down with the dreaded pig flu, and it was the kind of week where I felt too poorly to be able to concentrate for very long at a time, but not so poorly that I could justify not working. All of which means that none of my admin goals happened, and the things I did accomplish took me twice as long as they should have. So the admin and marketing goals are still on the list for this week. Specifically, I want to start planning my new web site this week, and spend some time networking and working on my business plan. I already have a pretty full slate with client projects, plus the NaNoWriMo prep I outlined yesterday, so it’ll be a challenge fitting all of that in, but I can’t keep putting it off, so I’ve got to try.

I already talked all about my NaNoWriMo and writing goals yesterday, so that leaves personal goals. My main goal is to try to feel better this week so I can be more focused and productive, which means giving up on trying to start my morning earlier. I just can’t get myself to go to sleep earlier, and it’s not really worth it to keep trying if it means more sleepy, unfocused foggy-brained misery. I’ve got to do better than only working out twice a week, too. I don’t know why it’s so hard to make myself do it, when I know it makes me feel better once it’s over with. Also, I think I’ll postpone moving my work back into my office until I can replace my desk chair. Right now I’m using an old kitchen dining chair, and it only takes an hour sitting at my desk before my back and head start hurting, which is not helping in the focus department.

So it’s gonna be another busy week, and I’ve got to be sure to take time out to take care of myself so I don’t feel worn out by Wednesday. I’m hoping to get all of my major projects wrapped up enough by Thursday night that I can take Friday off and go visit my mom, and maybe see if she’ll let me dig up some of the bazillion iris and daffodil bulbs on her property to transplant to my poor, flowerless yard.

And now I shall leave you with some pics of yesterday’s lazy Halloween papercraft project, which was inspired by this DIY Halloween decor project at Young House Love. After you’re done admiring my prowess with a a pair of scissors and card stock (and these Halloween paper cut-out templates over at Martha Stewart), you can share your own goals for the week down in the comments.