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Month: September 2009

In Which Lame Blogger Is Lame

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First, the “Lame Blogger Apologizes For Being Lame By Not Updating” portion of today’s post – sorry, y’all. I wish I could say I’ve been too busy to blog, but the truth is that I just haven’t felt up to it lately. I haven’t felt up to much at all, really. I haven’t been sick with the flu or anything, but it’s been one thing on top of or after another keeping me down. The SAD and allergies I wrote about last time, hormonal wackiness, insomnia and other disordered sleepy-time fun, and inadvertently ingesting things that didn’t want to leave my stomach without a fight have all added up to me spending most of my waking hours on the sofa, wrapped in an afghan and alternately staring unproductively out the window or at my laptop screen. “Bleah” pretty well sums up how I’ve been feeling lately.

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Why being too focused is a bad thing.

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If you’ve been reading the Twitter updates that get gathered up and posted here once a day, then you already know I’ve got a perfectly good excuse for not posting anything else last week–I was bogged down with a big web redesign project that the client needed done ASAP. I kept my head down in hyperfocus mode, coming up with mockup after mockup trying to capture what the clients wanted, and feeling frustrated and a bit depressed because everything I came up with was just passably adequate and completely uninspired. I was giving them everything they asked for, but nobody was happy with it. Continue reading

Number Three

On this day three years ago, about this time, I was standing on a corner in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, with newly styled bride hair and my little sister, watching a classic car parade with growing consternation. I’d had no idea there was a parade scheduled for that day, and as I waited for the rest of my family to arrive for a pre-wedding lunch, I realized that being trapped on that side of town seriously limited our dining options. I also realized that we were cut off both from the hotel where I and my bridal party were supposed to get dressed, and worst of all, from the B&B with the chapel where Matt and I were scheduled to get married in a few hours. As people in ’50s cars threw candy at my feet, I prayed that their parade would be done in time to not ruin my wedding day.

It was. Not in time to eat at the nice restaurant I’d picked out, mind – we ended up at a cozy country buffet for lunch – but by the time we finished eating, the cars were gone, and I made it to the chapel on time, and my life has been the better for it ever since.

Happy Anniversary, Matt.

I has a cheezburger kinda day

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I’m having a day, people. The kind that’s filled with bad news — nothing devastating, just disappointing enough to ruin your day — and where things that should be simple are riddled with complications. It’s the kind of day that makes you want to throw up your hands in surrender and just go watch TV or hide in bed so nothing else can go wrong. But since I don’t have that luxury, I did what I always do when I need some emergency cheering up — I headed over to I Can Has Cheezburger and kept scrolling until smiling came easily for me again.

In the off chance that you’re having that kind of day, too (I sincerely hope you’re not), here are a few highlights from my visit. Because things are beyond bad if anthropomorphized kittens with bad grammar can’t cheer you up.

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