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Why freelancing is so very right for me. Also, a cat update.

I think the very best thing about going freelance is exactly the reason why I’ve always wanted to go freelance: if I can’t get focused, that’s okay, because I make my own schedule. I’m not punching a clock, and I don’t have to be productive during a set span of hours in the day. I can go do something else, and then get my work done when my brain is more settled–whether that settled time is at two in the afternoon or two in the morning. It’s awesome. And it’s also a very good thing, because today is an extremely unfocused day. My mind refuses to settle down and stop wandering. I started to get frustrated, because I have work to do, but then I remembered that there’s no reason I can’t simply wait to do it until tonight. My mind is almost always sharper in the evenings. I would probably do all of my work in the evenings anyway if that wasn’t when Husband usually wants to hang out and watch movies. Or if I wasn’t addicted to prime time television two-thirds of every year.

Anyway, here’s a cat update: There’s still no sign that anyone is out there missing Boudica, and I’m glad, because the longer she stays the more I would miss her if I had to give her back. She’s still being a bit of a brat and pushing her limits, but she’s starting to settle down and accept some of the house rules. Niblet has come out of hiding and started eating regularly again, and has even made up with Pete. Husband is having second thoughts about his second thoughts. In other words, it’s all going as I predicted, and short of finding that elusive original owner to take her back, Boudica’s staying put. She still tries to get outside (and made it this morning), but I’m pretty sure she just wants to hang out in the yard and isn’t trying to run away. Even so, I don’t trust her not to duck under the fence and take off, so she’s strictly an indoor kitty as long as we can remember not to hold the patio door open too wide for too long. Maybe after she’s been here a bit longer we’ll try going out on a leash. Even if that doesn’t work out, at least it should provide some amusing blog fodder.

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  1. garnigal

    I’m glad the freelancing is all that you were hoping for.
    And I’m glad that Boudica is starting to fit in. đŸ™‚ Kitty.

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