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Hey! In all the life upheaval I forgot to tell you guys about my new grandnephew!

Isn’t he pretty? I actually haven’t seen his entire face yet. He was a few weeks early, so he spent his first few days in an incubator. They just brought him home today. Poor niece-in-law was in labor for 42 hours, so it’s probably good that she had some recovery time. Looking at him makes my ovaries ping. Hearing about his birth, however, makes them clench. 42 hours, man. That’s a long time to be in that much pain.

One of my temp agencies is already having me come in tomorrow to interview for two potential jobs. One is the one I applied for, the low-paying part-time admin assistant gig. The other is at another oil & gas company and is pretty much what I was doing up until Monday for better pay. That looks like a no-brainer on paper, but if I get to pick, it’s going to be a tough choice. I really, really want to be a freelance writer, and not two hours ago I was looking in the mirror and thinking how the life I want is finally in reach and now is my chance to reach out and grab it. The part-time job would make that possible, and the low pay would force me to work my butt off to get paid as a writer.

But: Same job. Better pay. Presumably better benefits. And our mountain of debt. I would probably be an idiot if I didn’t take this job.

If I really am throwing out the rule book like I said, I would stick to my guns and go for the part-time job. But there’s also plenty of time to do that after the credit cards are all paid off. Besides, we need health insurance.

Sigh. I do realize that this is not a bad problem to have in this economy. So I guess I’ll see what Matt thinks, and pray about it, and then wait and see if I’m even offered the job. And ignore the tiny part of me that’s disappointed at the prospect of having to go back to an office job so soon. 😉


  1. ms_scarletibis

    Um…more pay and better benefits? Health insurance? I believe in following your dreams, but that seems a bit hard to pass up…especially the health insurance part (I know cause I no longer have it). I say go for that job–not just because it’s kick ass on paper, but also because you aren’t just starting out with writing. You could still manage freelance work on the side (I think) because you have so much to choose from. If you don’t have to be the starving artist, then don’t.
    On the other hand?
    Two roads diverged in a yellow wood…The one less traveled by can make all the difference.
    Unfortunately, they never say if the difference is any good or not. I’m still leaning towards the health insurance one.

    • Jean

      I’d have insurance through the part-time job too, through the temp agency. So that’s not really that much of a consideration, now that I think about it.
      But yeah, I’m leaning toward the money.

  2. bojojoti

    My daughter, who has claimed to never have a maternal urge, once told me that she would never present me with grandchildren. Now, she is working with babies at the hospital, and her ovaries are pinging!

    • Jean

      Hee! That’s another reason I’m wary of going back to full-time right away, though. This could also be an opportunity to start our family. But maybe the full-time job will have a really great maternity plan.
      I guess I shouldn’t agonize until I’m actually offered it, huh?

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