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I would very much appreciate prayer from those who pray, and good thoughts from those who don’t, about my job. There are going to be more layoffs by the end of the month, and everybody is under the microscope to see if they can be let go. Word is they’re starting with those who aren’t working on anything billable, and I still am, so maybe the axe will pass me by. Still, it’s going to be a stressful rest of the month. And by the by, their severance package sucks. So, yes. Job-keeping vibes and prayers would be awesome. Thank you kindly.


  1. ms_scarletibis

    *sorry I don’t have a more appropriate icon–free account*
    I am sending, well, trying to send good vibes your way. Good luck.

  2. sunbrae

    *love and prayers*

  3. rapier

    Aie, that’s stressful as hell. Best wishes to you!

  4. bojojoti


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