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Ficlets Archive – Head’s Up

So Ficlets is shutting down as of Thursday, and the kind folks over at AOL didn’t provide any way to archive or import entries other than “Cut & paste and get off our lawn!” Fortunately, other folks have kindly taken it upon themselves to import all unlocked entries into their own archive, but I’ll feel better if I know they’re safely stashed here for posterity (which is kind of ironic, considering LJ’s current state of financial affairs, but at least now I’ll be able to archive them with the rest of my journal).

So I’ll be posting them here over the course of the afternoon. I don’t really have that many, relative to the rest of the community, at least, and I’ll group them in threes so as not to get too spammy on y’all.

And if you’re wondering where to get your super-short story, community collaboration fix, despair not — the same folks behind the DIY archive are busy creating Ficly, aka Ficlets 2.0. Hopefully, this new version will address all of the problems with Ficlets that AOL refused to spend time or money to fix, because apparently they were too busy getting ready to kick us off of their lawn.


  1. ms_scarletibis

    *gasp* LJ’s having financial troubles? Do I need to start backing up stuff? Crabs…
    Also–gmail has a ton of storage, and is a great place to save all of your writing work and favorite fics without overloading your computer or having to buy those um…what’s the name? Wow, I’m getting senile. The back up thingies that you stick into the USB drive? It’s sad that I can’t remember the name, I know.

    • Jean

      They laid off some staff, and people are freaking out that they might suddenly go under, so everybody’s backing up their LJs and making contingency plans. I’ll be really surprised if they close up shop, though. I bet they’ll go to all paid accounts and maybe raise the prices before that happens.
      Hee, “crabs”. I’ve never heard that used as a swear word before. I like it.
      Hee #2 – you mean a USB drive? 😉 (also known as stick drive, flash drive, thumb drive, jump drive, key chain drive… don’t feel bad for not remembering what it’s called. Depends on who you ask.)

      • ms_scarletibis

        1–Yes, “crabs.” Also “fizzle sticks.” 😛
        2–Yes, all those was what I was referring to. Flash/stick drive are the ones I’m familiar with. Maybe I should just man up and get one 🙁

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