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Ficlets Archive #5

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Two Sizes Too Small

“What the hell is that?”

It was all she could do not to drop the thing in her hands, it wriggled so much. Unfathomably, the look on her face was pure delight. “My new puppy. Isn’t she adorable?” Her voice was one octave short of a squeal.

“That is not a dog. To call it a dog is an insult to dogkind.”

“Not a dog yet.” She held it close and let it lick her face. I almost dry heaved. “Granted, she won’t get much bigger. Chihuahuas stay pretty teeny.”

A chihuahua. Great. Cheese on crackers, I hated tiny dogs. Anything smaller than a beagle was a waste of space and fur. And this abomination would fit in my shirt pocket.

“Here, hold her.” She thrust it at my face. I just stood there. It looked like it belonged in a rat trap.

Except, rats didn’t wag their tales, nor become so happy at the sight of you that their entire bodies wiggled. A strange sensation warmed my chest. I didn’t like where this was going.

She sneezed. Aw, shit. That was cute.

“Put her in my pocket,” I sighed.

She was a perfect fit.

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Two sizes too small
Mistress Elsha Hawk’s Buddy Icon Mistress Elsha Hawk

Posted 9 months ago

Awww-some. Puppies are irresistible! Even tiny rat-like ones. I love the tone of this! And the title….is it perhaps referring to a cold-hearted green fellow from Who-ville?? A metaphor for his heart and the tiny puppy. Hmm?

Two sizes too small
JMBauhaus’ Buddy Icon JMBauhaus

Posted 9 months ago

Thanks! And yes, on the nose. She melted his tiny little grinchy heart.

Two sizes too small
THX 0477’s Buddy Icon THX 0477

Posted 9 months ago
5.0 out of 5 stars

You got me laughing on that one, and I don’t even like dogs in general. I love the reluctant affection for the rat-dog and the whole acquiescence to turn the jibe to the gesture that the dog can fit in a pocket.

Caught In the Middle

Splinters from the boards over the window dug into her back as strong hands pinned her there with only half as much force as they were able. She would have bruises later, but so what? The cool tongue in her mouth made her blood boil.

The boards bucked against her, knocking them both away from the window. She stumbled. He caught her (of course he did, with those amazing reflexes) but then shoved her to the ground. She skinned her palms as she landed on the concrete. “Hey!” She looked up, half expecting him to jump on top of her, and really looking forward to it. So she was a fun mix of surprised, disappointed, and turned on when she saw him ripping the zombie’s head off with his bare hands instead.

That was so gross. And so hot.

“You ok?” He wiped his hand (zombie gore, ew!) on his jeans before offering it to her. She took it, releasing the breath she’d been holding as he pulled her up.

“You kiss good for a dead guy.”

He grinned, fangs exposed. “Just one more thing the zombies and I don’t have in common.”

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Caught In the Middle
Eckhouse’s Buddy Icon Eckhouse

Posted 9 months ago
5.0 out of 5 stars

Steamy vampire action movie which, I must admit, is kind of sexy. : )

The Other Side of the Mirror (Deja Vu Challenge)

A New Challenge, You Say?
by NightMaiden

Most of my challenges are dry, sorry to say, and I thought I’d take a crack at this one…Well, here it is:


Ever had one of those moments where you experienced serious deja vu? You know, those precious seconds when your mind tells you: “I’ve done this before!” or “I’ve seen this before!”

Try writing about it.

It can be with your characters, an experience from daily life—you know, a stitch in time.

Good luck to the many few [I used this phrase last time, too] that will participate.

Have fun. : )

He had always seen ghosts. Not like that kid in that movie. Nothing creepy like that. Just glimpses, quick shots of people who weren’t really there, going about their lives, minding their own business, completely unaware that he watched.

As a child, he’d been called insane, among other things, and sent to get his head shrunk. Later, he was a psychic sensation, except he never believed what he saw was psychic. Now, he was a forgotten oddity. The public had moved on.

But he still saw ghosts. And they never saw him.

Until now.

He stared at the face in the mirror, and got an overwhelming sense of deja vu. He had seen the face before, many times. It had belonged to him, once, long ago.

He’d worn that face the first time he looked in the mirror and saw someone else.

Saw the face he wore now.

He stared at the ghost of his boyhood, as it stared back, unknowing, at its future, and wondered.

Which one of us is the ghost?

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The Other Side of the Mirror (Deja Vu Challenge)
NightMaiden’s Buddy Icon NightMaiden

Posted 8 months ago
5.0 out of 5 stars

Wow; this is a deep ficlet. I like the question he asks himself at the end. I like the fact that you put in that his “status” changed immensely from “insane” to “psychic sensation”. That is how the human nature goes; something new comes along, we forget what we were looking at a minute ago. Thanks for entering.

And the last one…

Stupid Human Tricks

I once knew this girl. She wasn’t like the rest of us. She had a special power, one that made her the envy of every woman who ever knew her.

You know how some women joke about how they just look at a piece of cake and gain two pounds? Well, for Linda it was the other way around, and it was no joke: criticize her weight, and she’d lose an ounce. Just like that.

Big deal, right? What’s an ounce? It’s not like this would get her on the Late Show or anything. You’d be surprised how fast it added up, though. By the time she finished reading a magazine she’d have lost two pounds.

Most women hated her.

But then it got dangerous. She had to stop reading magazines. She had to stop watching TV. She couldn’t go to the mall, or to the movies. She became a shut-in, and even then, she had to get rid of all her mirrors.

Too bad her biggest critic was herself.

I used to know this girl. It’s too bad, what happened to her. But I guess it was inevitable. Just didn’t think it would happen so fast, is all.

Average Reader Rating: 5.0 stars out of 5

Stupid Human Tricks
Krulltar’s Buddy Icon Krulltar

Posted 7 months ago
5.0 out of 5 stars

Interestingly bizarre flicet this is, but oddl enough that I like it. This would make a good Twilight Zone premise.


  1. ms_scarletibis

    I like how you’re able to get in and out quickly. Have you ever thought about doing a collection of ficlets?

    • Jean

      Thanks! No, I haven’t. That’s a good idea, though, maybe like a chapbook or something? I can’t seem to do short stories very well, but flash fiction and drabbles aren’t a problem, for some reason. Everything bigger always wants to be a novel.

      • ms_scarletibis

        Yeah. There are a lot of novels of short stories, but none (that I know of anyway) of flash fiction, which would be new, and perhaps more susceptible to getting published because of it, especially with so many having ADD when it comes to reading. Also, there’s a poetry to your flash fiction, and you should just go on and do it already 😀 Cause it’d be awesome.

        • Jean

          Aw, thanks. I’m blushing now. ‘Cause YOU’RE awesome.

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