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Month: December 2008 (Page 2 of 2)

Up and down and around and around

I’m being run through a bit of an emotional wringer today. It started this morning with a terribly upsetting dream about my mom, the details of which I don’t even want to revisit except to say that I had to call her after just to hear her voice and make sure she’s okay. I still won’t be totally over it until I get to hug my mommy.

The middle of the day zoomed to the top of the roller coaster (I’m mixing my metaphors, I’m so wrung out! Except that I usually mix them all up anyway) with a former reader writing and offering to do something really nice for me, just because she enjoyed my little fan fictions. I also did a little self-promotion for …which hasn’t attracted any new readers yet, but hopefully word of mouth will spread once I’ve posted a few chapters.

And then. And then, the benefits meeting. It literally made me cry. Raised premiums, raised copays, $10 copay on generic drugs (whereas currently we don’t have one), and that alone is enough to break us. I also learned that we don’t get paid maternity leave, which may or may not ever be relevant to us, but it still sucks to have to consider that when making the decision. I’m a bit at a loss right now as to what we’re going to do, other than what we usually do, which is to hang in there and hope that it will somehow work out and we’ll be okay.

At least I still HAVE a job with benefits, right?

Meme pretty!

Because I am utterly useless today, and this meme allowed me to waste an hour looking at shiny things:

1. Answer each of the questions below the cut using the [Flickr] search engine.
2. Choose a photo from the first three pages.
3. Copy the URL of your favorite photos [here].
4. Then share with the world.

1. First Name – It was either denim or a French artist or architect. I chose this one because I smell a craft project! Credit: Computer chair recovered with old jeans

2. Favorite Food – The sushi, not the hamster. “What? Sushi? What is it?”

3. Hometown – I drove past this scene nearly every day throughout my entire childhood. Claremore Mound 2

4. Favorite Color – Maybe this representation of pink won’t make my inner black-clad sullen teen self cringe too much. The Little Ghost

5. Celebrity Crush – I can say in complete honesty that when I fell for Husband, all my TV Boyfriends went right out the window. But that don’t mean I don’t notice the pretty when I sees it. Jensen Ackles

6. Favorite Drink – I can’t pronounce it, but I sure likes to imbibe it. Gewurztraminer

7. Dream Holiday – Not terribly long ago I’d have said Paris, or Europe in general, but ever since my honeymoon I dream of being in a Corona commercial. “Cabana boy, please freshen my mojito and adjust my shade andzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzsnorezzzzzzzzzz.”The beach at night

8. Favorite Dessert – The cookies, not the baby. Homemade

9. What I Want To Be When I Grow Up – Not an Amazonion goddess turned superhero per se; just able to do everything on my list. It’s a long list. When I settle on one thing I’ll let you know. WONDER WOMAN The Complete History

10. What I Love Most In the World – Husband, South Parked. Nowhere does it say not to search your own photostream. carribean_matt

11. One Word That Describes Me – Scattered (refer to #9). falling apart

12. My Livejournal Name – My inner black-clad sullen teen self approves. BAUHAUS: Bela Lugosis’s Dead

Thanks to for sharing.

One for the Awesome Files (and one for the loser section, too ;_;)

In case you missed it, I give you the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Rickroll:

Now nobody has an excuse to not know what Rickrolling is. …which probably means that this meme has breathed its dying breath. Still, how awesome is Rick Astley for having enough of a sense of humor to personally Rickroll the entire nation on live TV? Hee!

I lose at NaNo this year.

I had every intention of buckling down and finishing the novel this weekend, but I kept getting sidetracked by family wanting to spend time with me for some reason. And also wanting to see my house, which meant a few hours of frantic cleaning sucking up my time. I also put up my Christmas decorations, because I just could NOT wait, and I finally cleared out all of the boxes still piled in the living room to make room for our tree. So I win at unpacking: living room category.

We don’t actually have the tree yet. Husband insists on a live one, and since I’ve led an entirely artificial life up til now, I’m game to try something different. Although I suspect that one Christmas of Real Tree vs. Our Cats will send me running in tears back to the arms of artificial simplicity and make Husband a convert to same.

And now I need to rev myself up to write, because I WILL finish the novel this week. Four scenes to go!

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