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Head, meet desk.

Apparently I’ll be spending at least part of my long weekend trying to figure out why my professionally handled blog transition to it’s new URL is resulting in a 404 page. Or maybe if I just close my eyes and pray really hard it will resolve itself overnight. Here’s hopin’.

It’s especially aggravating because I spent my entire lunch hour putting together a Thursday 13 roundup of DIY Christmas decorations and then spent the rest of my afternoon commenting on other TTs in the hopes of generating some visitors. One person made it over before it all went kaplooey. So much for that effort.

I’m glad it’s a long weekend. It will be a busy one. Knitting, tree shopping, card writing, knitting, tree trimming, picture taking, errand running, knitting, crafting, planning my Christmas baking, knitting, knitting, and did I mention there will be knitting? I should also get by the library to see if they’ve got any Christmas DVDs that can keep me company while all of this knitting is going on.

Um… I forgot to do my Christmas Card poll, so I’ll do a cheater’s poll here. If you want one, leave your address in the comments. I’ll turn on screening so nobody will see them but me.

Oh, holy crapola. My bank account is overdrawn. I made the idiotic mistake of not making sure my Paypal debit card’s backup funding was set to Buyer Credit instead of my checking account before I used it to buy groceries and Christmas stuff this week. I realized this yesterday and initiated a transfer from my online emergency fund, but that won’t clear till tomorrow. I should have just sucked up the fees and took it out at the ATM and deposited it manually instead. Actually, it wasn’t the fees that kept me from doing that so much as the fact that it didn’t even occur to me that I could. Please pray that my car payment won’t bounce. Oh, wait–it already cleared. Thank God. And Merry Christmas!

Sigh. On a happy note, after work I’m swinging by Big Sis’s to see Baby Summer. She won’t have any idea who I am, since I’ve seen her exactly three times since her birth; but still, baby therapy will do me good. Let’s just hope she won’t be too scared to let me hold her.

I’m ready to call it a week. I hope you guys all have a great weekend.

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    Christmas DVDs? I strongly recommend “It’s A Wonderful Life,” which is like, mandatory tradition. Or it should be. Also, the cult classic “A Christmas Story,” even some think it is cheesey šŸ˜€

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