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Makeup question

Hey guys,

Have any of you (or your wives/girlfriends/sisters/daughters/cool chicks you hang out with) ever tried Bare Minerals? Lately my face has been rejecting all of my tried and true liquid foundations, breaking out at the mere sight of a makeup sponge. It’s gotten to the point that I’ve given up wearing makeup, except for special occasions. Which is fine, except that I don’t want those special occasions to be catalysts for the next several days spent fighting a pubescent complexion.

A few years ago I tried the Neutrogena knock-off, but it made me look a little orange. Li’L Sis took the plunge and tried the real thing, and swore by it, except I think it made her look a little orange, too. But I think she might have been using a darker shade than she should have been. I can’t remember whether the Neutrogena stuff made me break out, but I wasn’t having the skin issues I was having back then, so now it’s a whole new ball game.

Anyway, I’m asking now because Ulta’s having a 3 day online special where you can get a starter kit for $50 (if you’re interested, the code is BAREGIFT10). That’s way on the pricey side for me, but for all you get it seems like a good value, and if it does everything it claims and doesn’t cause my acne to flare up, it would be totally worth it.


  1. themournfulduck

    My aunt and one of my friends really like them. Both of them decided to do my makeup with that stuff and I didn’t notice myself breaking out more than usual. It was also pretty comfortable, and looked good. It’s probably worth a try.

    • Jean

      Thanks. I’ve never heard anyone who’s used it say they didn’t like it. Even if I don’t get it now I should probably try it one of these days when the belt’s a little looser.

  2. coffeegirl88

    I haven’t tried the Bare Minerals, but I have used the L’Oreal knockoff and haven’t had an issue with it. So if you’re still a little skiddish about the pricey stuff that might be an option.

    • Jean

      I saw that they had a version and thought about trying it, but figured it was probably on par with Neutrogena’s (whose makeup I’m generally pretty happy with). But I guess I should try that before dropping $50 on something I’m not sure about. Thanks.

  3. manoah

    I’ve never tried the Bare Minerals. I stopped using foundation years ago. I just used “loose” powder and concealer. I’m a Mary Kay girl (don’t ask) and my rep convinced me to try their mineral version of the powder. No issues at all, at all.
    I have broken out using other Mary Kay lotions although never their make up. The loose mineral powder is about $18.00. I know if you find a rep in your area they will be glad to come to you and give you a “facial” with all the bells and whistles. Just resist buying all the stuff they push and only get what you want.
    This was probably more info than you wanted, huh? I’m bored right now. *sigh*

    • Jean

      Ooh! That is a great answer! My Big Sis is a Mary Kay rep, I’m writing her right after this to ask for samples. If she drew my name for Christmas maybe she’ll fix me up with the whole shebang. Yay! Thank you!
      I didn’t know they had such a product, and I never thought to ask her. And she probably never told me because she knows I’m dubious about their makeup (I’ve had issues with MK foundation in the past), so she usually sticks to giving me body lotions and mani/pedi kits.

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