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Getting my Christmas Spirit on

Two notes about my blog, Sparkle Motion: One, I’ve started blogging regularly there again, and I think the long break has improved my blog article writing skills. Take a look, and please tell me (honestly) whether you agree. And two, it’s in the process of moving to, but if you have the old URL bookmarked, my understanding is that it should still get you there. If it doesn’t, let me know. Oh, and two-and-a-half: when it finishes transitioning I’ll have to figure out how to either update the old syndicated feed or create a new one for my LJ peeps who don’t like to stray from their friends pages, so if anybody could give me a heads up on how that works (I used to know, but the last time I tried it was an exercise in FAIL), I’d appreciate it.

In Christmasy news, we still don’t have a tree. If I can’t drag Matt out with me to get one by Saturday, I’m going to take matters into my own hands. I’m planning to post pictures of my house, in all it’s Christmasy dollar store splendor, but I’m waiting until the tree is up to take them.

It looks like Fringe is a rerun tonight, so we’ll most likely put in a movie while I work on my knitting. Oh! Last night I finished up the cowl for my mom. I plan to take and post pics of that, too, after I weave in all the loose ends, and also of the bonnet I made my grandniece once all of its pieces are put together. But tonight I need to start this quickie scarf pattern for a guy at my office. He’s our clerk, handy-man and general go-to maintenance guy, and as he has no family to spend the holidays with, so the admin staff is getting together to shower him with gifts, food and company. I’m feeling good about this decision, because he basically does all of the crap work around here, and he does it all with a smile and a cheerful attitude, and he needs to know that he is appreciated, especially at this time. I mean that both as Christmastime and as this sucky soul-withering economic downturn time. But let’s focus on the Christmastime. For one thing, it’s easier to type.


  1. sunbrae

    I want that scarf. I like the long and skinny, single-cable version. I think I need it. Oh, okay, I’ll make one for a family member first, just as soon as I finish the wrist-warmers for my sister.
    I liked your McCafĂ© piece. It’s funny and topical.

  2. bojojoti

    I love Christmas photos!

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