Seriously, he is. Why did he–or Crystal, for that matter–not realize that neither of them needed to vote for Matty if Bob & Corinne’s immunity idol was the real deal? If they both voted for Corinne, as per their alliance, and she and Bob voted for Matty, and Corinne played a real idol, Matty still would have gone home, the idol would have been out of commission, and everything Ken hoped to accomplish would have happened while he still appeared to remain true to his alliance. Plus if it turned out that Corinne was lying, WHICH SHE WAS, she’d have gone home anyway and no suspicion would have been cast on Ken. It all would have turned out exactly the same way whether Ken voted for Matty or not. At least Crystal allowed for the possibility that it was a fake idol and didn’t switch her vote.

Ken, you are no mastermind. You totally screwed yourself, dummy. Don’t be taking it out on Bob.

On the bright side, I am SO GLAD Corinne went and Matty stayed. She’s so very awful, and I’ve enjoyed Matty much, much more than I ever thought I would. And his proposal was so awwww!