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Things I am thankful for right now

Because what is Thanksgiving without a thankfulness list?

♥ My job, because I need it.

♥ My husband, who is awesome and sweet and handsome and a fantastic cook and who texts me love notes and updates on the pets all day.

♥ Last week’s Survivor, which featured the best Tribal Council EVAR that is still keeping me amused and satisfied almost an entire week later.

♥ Shirtless Sylar scenes (it’s my list. I’m allowed to be shallow).

♥ Being thisclose to finished with my novel OMG!

♥ My mom, who not only gave birth to me, but is also being very patient about me moving my remaining things out of her house.

♥ My mom-in-law, who not only gave birth to the love of my life, but will also feed me some of the finest cornbread stuffing I’ve ever tasted tomorrow.

♥ My house that I can still afford to pay for.

♥ The organic food coop we joined, which turned out to be one of our smarter choices.

♥ Hand lotion.

♥ Having my Christmas shopping list locked up.

♥ Free coffee (even if it is usually awful) and pain relievers and allergy meds at work.

♥ Sanity pills, focus pills, and deep sleep granting pills, even if I do hate taking all those gorram pills.

♥ All of my family and friends, each of whom are wonderful in their own ways.

♥ Our fur-babies, and the fact that Speedy Pete the Wonder Pup is recovering from his surgery nicely, even if he does have to wear a cone on his wee head.

♥ The fact that the cone somehow makes him even cuter.

♥ The abundance of babies in my family, both already here and on the way.

♥ All of the new TV to look forward to next year (Dollhouse! BSG! LOST!).

♥ All of the movies to look forward to next year (Watchmen! Trek! HP!).

♥ My closet full of clothes (and too many shoes), that I need to remember how blessed I am to have when I get depressed about having nothing new to wear.

♥ Home Depot’s 12 month, 0 interest, 0 payments special introductory plan, without which we would have no appliances, and the New Home Buyer’s tax credit that will allow us to pay for them before the year is up. Awesome.

♥ Our new car. It’s the reason we’re stretched so thin right now, but we needed it, and I kind of adore it even without any bells and whistles, and that tax credit will let us pay off the rest of it so we won’t have a car payment anymore. Double-plus awesome.

♥ The internets, without which my life would be very different, and probably not for the better.

You guys. Seriously. I don’t have an abundance of friends, but the ones I do have are tried and true. Some of you guys got me through some really tough times and made me realize the importance of sincere friendship. Your encouragement always means the world to me, even if I don’t always remember to say so, because see previous posts re: my flaky nature. Give yourselves a big ol’ hug for me, please, because you’re too far away for me to do it myself. I love you.

Please have a fantastic Ritual Sacrifice With Pie. And if you’re in Canada, pretend I wrote this last month.


  1. sunbrae

    *love and love and love and*
    Shirtless Sylar is something to be thankful for indeed.

    • Jean

      Yeah. I’m disappointed in him, though. He and Elle have gone back and forth on the good/evil train so much so fast that I think I have whiplash. I can still appreciate the pretty, though. And I’ve never been so eager for Spock to take off his shirt.

  2. ms_scarletibis

    Sweet list. I hope you enjoy your Ritual Sacrifice with Pie tomorrow as well šŸ˜€

    • Jean

      Oh yes, I did. Mmm, pie. I hope you enjoyed yours as well.
      *hugs back*

  3. wanabemore

    Happy Turkey day to you too. May your turkey be dressed just like this one…

    • Jean

      Heh, that’s cute. But my turkey was dressed with cornbread stuffing, which was much tastier.

  4. bojojoti

    Enjoy your Ritual Sacrifice with Pie!

    • Jean

      I did, and I hope you did, too!

  5. garnigal

    Aww, we love you too. I’m grateful that AJ kitten is out of kitty hospital and back to being his jerky self, that my friend’s knitting store is opening on Saturday and that we’re still swinging our bills. And since I’m in Canada, pretend I wrote this in October too. šŸ™‚

    • Jean

      Aw! I’m grateful AJ is okay, too. And congrats to your friend! I want to own a knitting store some day….

      • garnigal

        One of these days I’ll post some kitty pictures to flickr so you can actually see the fur-babies, instead of just hearing about them.

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