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First, a note on Heroes: in case there was ever any doubt, last night’s episode made it very clear that I am a sucker for redemptive former Big Bads with rock hard abs. Hel-looooooo Sylar-nurse!

On to NaNo. I made it to 15,000 words over the weekend. That’s not where I should be here in mid-week 3. And I just realized there’s no way I’m going to make it to 50,000 words. Is it because it’s too hard, because I can’t make the time, because I give up?

No. It’s because I only have eight scenes left to write. Eight scenes, you guys! Oh Em Gee, I am so close to being done with this novel! Eight scenes isn’t even a whole episode of Dancing Lessons! This thing is so far in the bag I might not ever be able to pull it out again.

Happy dance! *tappity-tappity-tappity*


  1. ms_scarletibis

    <–Does happy dance with you 😀

  2. bojojoti

    Sylar, whom I’ve despised and been squicked by, is quickly becoming my favorite character.
    Way to go! So wonderful!

    • bojojoti

      Throws in a happy dance.

  3. wanabemore

    You go girl!

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