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Happy Halloween!

Here’s a holiday throw-back for you: Disney’s Legend of Sleepy Hollow:

(I think Bram Bones is Disney’s proto-Gaston.)

Or cut straight to the (still impressively effective) scary part!

In my imagination, tonight will be perfect.

After work, I’ll go home and we’ll carve our pumpkins. That’s a reality. And then after dinner we’ll sit outside with our jack-o-lanterns and Pete in the jack-o-lantern sweater I knitted for him and we’ll watch the treat-seekers parade up and down the street and dole out candy to them while I squee over their costumes and they squee over our cute tiny dog and all the while we’ll guard our yard and our cars from tricksters, and then we’ll go back inside and watch A Nightmare Before Christmas and scary movies and eat leftover candy until we can’t stand it anymore, and then we’ll go to bed. The scary movies and candy part is also probably true. The rest will probably only happen in my wistful imagination, because I know how we are, and instead of sitting outside we’ll probably stay on the couch all night, and Pete lost or hid (or possibly ate) his sweater, anyway. And it will be a fine evening, and satisfying, except that I’ll secretly wish that we had little kids, or that we could borrow my sister’s for the night, so that I could go trick-or-treating too.

If we ever do have a baby, on Halloween I’ll just put a beard on him, because that’s what he’ll be: my candy-getting, costume-wearing-excuse baby beard.

Have a fun and safe Free Candy & Dress-up Day, everybody. Don’t forget to think hard about what you want to be in case you become your costume.


  1. sunbrae

    Eee! Happy Halloweeney, Jeanie!
    [/is a dork]

    • Jean

      Hee! Happy Halloween to you and the Monkeys!
      *is dorkier*

  2. bojojoti

    If you find Pete’s sweater, we so need a photo!

    • Jean

      I found it! Not until this morning, though, quite by accident. I will post pictures.

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