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Things I forgot to mention the other day, and some new things

This is over a week late now, but:

Dear Heroes,

Thank you for finally attempting to answer my plea with another fight between Sylar and Peter. However, you fail, because they both still had their shirts on, and Adam was nowhere near, and now he never will be, which I have to say I resent, because these days I’m just in it for the pretty. Please don’t take away any more pretty.

Still yours (grudgingly),

As I’ve mentioned before, Dr. Awesome believes that pretty much every one of my health problems, including my weight, stems from my lack of quality sleep. She’s got me on an elaborate cocktail of meds all aimed at helping me sleep deeper and longer. I think they’re working for the deeper part, but as for the longer, that just wasn’t happening.

So this week I committed myself to making it happen, and that involved some changes. I’m going to the gym after work now, so I don’t have to get up so early, and I’m getting my stuff ready for the next day (laying clothes out, packing lunch, all that fun stuff) when I get home instead of waiting till bed time. I’m also doing yoga before I go to bed. Well, in bed, actually, and I just tried to search for the routine I’ve been doing and couldn’t find it; but it’s pretty relaxing, and I’ve been falling asleep a lot faster since I started doing it.

According to my doctor, if I’m sleeping right, I should drop several pounds. I really hope this new nightly routine does the trick, because I really don’t want to take more pills.

Halloween costume contest today!

…NOT! It got canceled because of corporate meetings. I’m not sure what the logic is behind that, but maybe that’s because my mind is clouded by bitterness at having a decent costume and nowhere to wear it. Grumble grumble.

I guess I could wear it tonight.

Tonight is the first local NaNo meet-up. They’re calling it a write-in, but since we can’t write before November 1st, I’m calling it a meet-up. I think it’s mainly a meet & greet, where we’ll discuss scheduling actual write-ins in November. I promised a carless alleged female person on the regional boards that I’d give her a ride. So let’s all hope nothing nefarious happens to me tonight.

Since I thought I’d be dressing up today anyway, I threw out the suggestion of making tonight’s get-together a costumed gathering (as opposed to a shindig or a hootenanny), but there weren’t any takers. Now I guess if somebody else decided to dress up tonight and just didn’t say they would and then they’re the only one there in costume, they won’t be too happy with me. But at least that loser won’t be me. šŸ˜‰


  1. garnigal

    We had our Nano meetup last night. It was pretty good (even though I still haven’t a clue what to write). The 4 folks who made it out were nice and easy to talk to, and since it was such a small group, there was some actual talk going on, not just “Hey, good to meet you. Ummm, gonna go over here now.”
    I’m thinking I’ll write fanfic this time around, since it would be nice to have something newish and longish for WriterCon.
    I just can’t decide which fandom… or a plot… or themes…

    • Jean

      Hmm. Which fandoms are candidates?

      • garnigal

        Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Veronica Mars.
        They all have some nice angst and pain to play with, and lots of action to inspire plotty type things. I probably know Buffy best, but it’s got so much fic that it’s hard to come up with something new to say. Firefly has the least canon of course, which is both blessing and curse. Veronica Mars is most unfamiliar to me (which isn’t saying much, given how much TV I watch), but that might give me more freedom, if I can keep myself from spending all my time doing research.
        Basically, I’m at a relatively happy point in my life right now, and I don’t have any angst of my own to work out. I need drama in my life, dammit, so that I can transfer it all to my poor characters!

        • Jean

          Heh, isn’t it funny how much being happy puts a damper on the drive to write fiction? Or at least fanfic. It did for me, anyway.
          There’s a lot of unfinished business with VM. You could grab hold of Rob Thomas’s failed plans to move it into the future several years and show Veronica in the FBI. You could show a future where her and Logan worked things out, but her job is putting a strain on their relationship because of his drive to protect her (which all goes back to his failure to protect Lilly, of course). Or she could have moved on and he comes back into her life. Or you can listen to someone who is not a LoVe ‘shipper and do something entirely different. šŸ˜‰
          Of course, there will never be enough well-written Spuffy novellas in the world. I’d give about anything to see Angel and Spike’s differing reactions to learning about her relationship with Satsu. Or even a Buffyless Spike fic where he pays a visit to Andrew after he finds out it was a double in Rome. Oh, and I once had a plot bunny about Spike teaming up with Faith and Giles. I don’t remember what the catalyst was, though.
          Clearly, I’m still never short on ideas for Buffyfic.

          • garnigal

            I’m a LoVe shipper too, and Spuffy (well, duh – is there any other pairing?), but I deviate from the norm in Firefly and go Mal/River.
            Huh. What is it with me and boys who do bad things but just want to be loved, eh?
            I think I’m leaning towards VM, but now I can’t decide if I want to stick to canon or go AU after S1. I like how Veronica takes things into her own hands, and I don’t think she could do that if she was FBI – but she does still have to get her degree…

  2. ms_scarletibis

    According to my doctor, if I’m sleeping right, I should drop several pounds.

    That sounds like a kick ass diet. Let me know how that works out.
    And as for heroes, well, I don’t suspect there’ll be any fights between Gabriel and Peter anytime soon–methinks ol’ Gabe there is going to double cross daddy dearest. But maybe, they’ll have him fight Nathan when he finally shows up. But I still miss Adam šŸ™

    • Jean

      I don’t care what the scenario or setup is. I just want pretty shirtless fighting. With maybe some post-fight brotherly hurt/comfort. Yeah, that’s what I want on my TV.

    • Jean

      Also, I hope it works out, because my sleep disorder has my metabolism so screwed up I can’t lose weight no matter what else I do. And last time I was in she lectured me about how it puts me at risk for fun stuff like heart disease and diabetes and Alzheimer’s. So, yeah. Please, God, let it work.

  3. Jean

    Re: NaNo, NaNo!
    Eep. How lame am I that I completely forgot about even though I’m the main mod (or at least, I was…). Man, do I suck.
    I’ll check out your comm. I could use all the pep talks I can get.
    2 more days! Yay!

  4. bojojoti

    Sleep is so important. I’ve improved, but I still don’t sleep deeply for very long.

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