I have to confess, I don’t listen much to NPR, and so I’m really only familiar with Ira Glass through his fans throughout the Kingdom of Blog. But between this and his Buffy advice, I think I’m kinda crushing on the guy a little. I might have to start downloading his radio show.

It basically boils down to, “Don’t be afraid to suck, because that’s how you learn and get better.” It’s something I really needed to hear, because I’ve been doubting my abilities a lot lately. Mainly because my Hero Factor rough draft really does kinda suck, writing-wise, and I was starting to panic about whether I’ll really be able to make it better on the rewrite. Well, I’m still panicking, a little. But I still have to do it. Because that’s how I learn.

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Here’s a fun interview with Harry Dresden on Jackie Kessler’s Cat & Muse. If you have no idea what that is (like I didn’t), here’s the scoop from fangs_fur_fey:

As some of you know, there’s a portion of my website called Cat and Muse, which is all about interviews. Specifically, my protagonist, the former succubus Jezebel, interviews the characters of other authors.

Spoiler alert, natch, if you haven’t yet read all of The Dresden Files.