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I has a collage!

I wasted three hours Friday afternoon throwing this together, and most of my lunch hour today cleaning it up. It is by no means expertly done, but I think it captures the spirit of The Hero Factor and its main characters. Not to mention helps solidify them in my head.

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The characters, from left: The pooka, Michael Chambers, Taggart and Thea.

(In actuality: Brainiac, Dean (DEEEEEAAAN!!!) Winchester, and Aryn Sun.)

(In reality: James Marsters, Jensen Ackles, and Claudia Black.)

I did manage to fit some actual writing around all this photomanip fantasizing, too. Over the weekend I finished a chapter, and this morning I wrote another one. If work stays slow this afternoon, I might try to get started yet another. I’m guestimating that I’ve got about 10-15 chapters left to go, depending on how epic my climactic battle decides it wants to be.


  1. sunbrae

    I’m confused. Pooka, Michael Chambers, Taggart, and Thea sound like four people to me. But whoo, Dean! And Aeryn. And, okay, Spike. 😀

    • Jean

      They are, but the pooka impersonates Michael, hence they are both James.

  2. hot_craving

    love the title
    Can’t wait to see what happens in the fic. 🙂

    • Jean

      Re: love the title
      Thanks! 🙂

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