This morning I logged into Twitter and was stunned by tweets from CASizemore, a notable member of the fiction podcasting community, saying that he came home to find his wife collapsed and not breathing. A few hours later, he posted again to say that she had passed away.

He’s only 32. I’m not certain what her age was, but it’s a safe bet she was young. Either way, they’re both too young for this.

He’s an aspiring writer with a blue collar job. I’m not sure what she did for a living or what the insurance situation is, but another safe bet is that this will place a pretty huge financial burden on him, on top of all the other terribleness he has to deal with. If you’re inclined to help him out, his friends have set up an account for him at ChipIn, where you can kick a little in via Paypal. There’s no way to make any of this better for him, but at least maybe the noveling community can help to ease this much of his burden.

My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.