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Ficlet: Caught In the Middle

This is the seed of something that will very likely become my next NaNoWriMo project.


Splinters from the boards over the window dug into her back as strong hands pinned her there with only half as much force as they were able. She would have bruises later, but so what? The cool tongue in her mouth made her blood boil.

The boards bucked against her, knocking them both away from the window. She stumbled. He caught her (of course he did, with those amazing reflexes) but then shoved her to the ground. She skinned her palms as she landed on the concrete. “Hey!” She looked up, half expecting him to jump on top of her, and really looking forward to it. So she was a fun mix of surprised, disappointed, and turned on when she saw him ripping the zombie’s head off with his bare hands instead.

That was so gross. And so hot.

“You ok?” He wiped his hand (zombie gore, ew!) on his jeans before offering it to her. She took it, releasing the breath she’d been holding as he pulled her up.

“You kiss good for a dead guy.”

He grinned, fangs exposed. “Just one more thing the zombies and I don’t have in common.”


CC 2008 by J. M. Bauhaus


  1. manoah

    Oooooooooooo. More please!~

    • Jean

      If you can wait till November…
      Actually, I’m toying with the idea of doing this for instead. In addition to Hero Factor, of course.

  2. caliente_uk

    Loving this so far. 🙂

    • Jean

      Thank you! 🙂

  3. sunbrae

    For such a short snippet, you hooked me.

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