I wanted to start forcing myself to write a ficlet a day, to get myself back into a daily writing habit, but now that I have a bit of free time my head hurts and I can’t think straight. My brain is full.

I’m having an ADD moment. Apparently the Mega Mind that I ran out of a month ago has finally weaned its way out of my system. As recently as yesterday I was amazed at how well I was doing without it, and wondered if I still needed it anymore. Guess I do. It’s very irritating, because I ordered a refill from the company with the UNBEATABLE prices before I ran out — again, let me remind you, more than a month ago. After an e-mail to ask, WTH? Where be my brain pills? and I was informed that they’re on back order (it’s so nice how they informed me as soon as they knew they didn’t have my item available–oh, wait), I wrote back and told them to cancel my order and refund my money. Low prices are only great if, you know, you actually receive the item you paid for. Lesson learned. I’ll be going back to Vitacost. Reliability is worth a few extra dollars.

In a very roundabout way, this post really is about writing. Which I might be able to do if I could just find a quiet place to sit and close my eyes for about fifteen minutes.