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The weekend was actually fairly productive, writing-wise. I wrote a couple of pages of dialogue for the scene that’s currently giving me fits, and came up with a basic premise and partial plot for that Vampires vs. Zombies novel that’s percolating in my noggin. I’m pretty sure I’m going to tackle it for summerwrite, alongside Hero Factor. Between the two of them, 150,000 pages should be no problem. As for VvsZ, I don’t know if I want to do more groundwork for it. I think I’m going to pants it. That worked out pretty well for me with NaNo, wherein I actually wrote a whole first draft. I’ve been Plotty McOutline with HF, and I keep getting stuck and losing enthusiasm and it’s taking forever. I’m beginning to think pantsing is the way to go. Looking back, that’s pretty much how I wrote all of my fanfic. I’d have a premise, and sometimes an ending, in mind, but with the exception of that one ginormous multi-author epic for which an outline was absolutely necessary, I pretty much made the others up as I went (and, heh, the super-outlined giant didn’t get finished, either).

Yes. I think I must be a pantser. Good to know.

I didn’t want to have to beg, but…

I’m going to anyway. If you can find the time, please go listen to my voice posts of Birthday Girl and offer concrit on how I sound. I pretty much already know I suck, but I’m not going to get any better without feedback. So, pretty please? I’ll give you a cookie.

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Thank you very very kindly.

Ficlet: Caught In the Middle

This is the seed of something that will very likely become my next NaNoWriMo project.


Splinters from the boards over the window dug into her back as strong hands pinned her there with only half as much force as they were able. She would have bruises later, but so what? The cool tongue in her mouth made her blood boil.

The boards bucked against her, knocking them both away from the window. She stumbled. He caught her (of course he did, with those amazing reflexes) but then shoved her to the ground. She skinned her palms as she landed on the concrete. “Hey!” She looked up, half expecting him to jump on top of her, and really looking forward to it. So she was a fun mix of surprised, disappointed, and turned on when she saw him ripping the zombie’s head off with his bare hands instead.

That was so gross. And so hot.

“You ok?” He wiped his hand (zombie gore, ew!) on his jeans before offering it to her. She took it, releasing the breath she’d been holding as he pulled her up.

“You kiss good for a dead guy.”

He grinned, fangs exposed. “Just one more thing the zombies and I don’t have in common.”


CC 2008 by J. M. Bauhaus

I need a nap

I wanted to start forcing myself to write a ficlet a day, to get myself back into a daily writing habit, but now that I have a bit of free time my head hurts and I can’t think straight. My brain is full.

I’m having an ADD moment. Apparently the Mega Mind that I ran out of a month ago has finally weaned its way out of my system. As recently as yesterday I was amazed at how well I was doing without it, and wondered if I still needed it anymore. Guess I do. It’s very irritating, because I ordered a refill from the company with the UNBEATABLE prices before I ran out — again, let me remind you, more than a month ago. After an e-mail to ask, WTH? Where be my brain pills? and I was informed that they’re on back order (it’s so nice how they informed me as soon as they knew they didn’t have my item available–oh, wait), I wrote back and told them to cancel my order and refund my money. Low prices are only great if, you know, you actually receive the item you paid for. Lesson learned. I’ll be going back to Vitacost. Reliability is worth a few extra dollars.

In a very roundabout way, this post really is about writing. Which I might be able to do if I could just find a quiet place to sit and close my eyes for about fifteen minutes.

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